Welding quality policy

Welding quality policy

SAIPA believes that to be an international auto maker, be selected by customer as their first option and collaborate with premier international auto makers requires manufacturing suitable quality and safe products.

To this end and for development and establishment of quality management system complying with requirements under ISO 9001:2008 and increase customer satisfaction through assurance of the contents of clause 7-5-2 under this standard to be observed, in order to focus on welding process as a special process, the company has established Weld Quality Management System according to requirements of ISO 3834-2:2005 and observes the following principles:

- Create and continually control technical requirements for welding in compliance with international updated standards

- Execution of systematic processes, activities and welding documents fro design to production

- Potentialize engineers, employees and weld inspectors through the process

- Assurance of weld quality in procurement chain through continuous inspection and supervision

- Lowering unconformities in weld quality through corrective/preventive measures

- Use welding materials and equipments according to prescribed standards

- Effective management of welding processes through weld coordination committees



Nematollah Postin Doz

Managing Director 
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